Coach, Speaker, Inventor & Mom

Speaking Topics

Under the Helmet
Have you ever attended a contact sporting event and witnessed a student taking a particularly hard hit, making you cringe? As a coach in both high school and college, I've witnessed unnecessary roughness time and again. Instead of promoting aggression, let's foster camaraderie between student athletes from different schools. They'll realize there's a person, not just gear, under that helmet. By uniting despite competition, we can work together to reduce concussions and sports injuries. It's crucial to remind our athletes of the long-term consequences of split-second decisions on the field. We can draw parallels between the effects of concussions and the harmful impact of bullying in our youth.

Building a Better Business Plan for Your Life Plan

Not only will we overcome our own self-doubts and the skepticism of others (aka Dream Squashers) as we construct an exceptional business plan, but we'll also ensure that our personal life plan flourishes in tandem. Drawing from Connie's personal experiences and professional challenges, she'll motivate you to never compromise on your dreams and craft the ideal strategy for success in both personal and professional realms. These are the takeaways you can expect from this speech:

  • Practical strategies for overcoming self-doubt.
  • Cultivate a strong support system focusing on building self-confidence.
  • Challenge negative thoughts by questioning their validity.
  • Craft a vision and mission that competes with the life you're constructing for yourself.
Never Lower The Bar On Your Dreams! 
"I empower entrepreneurs to never compromise on their dreams! Whether it's establishing a daycare, leading a prosperous cleaning company, or pioneering innovative ventures in collaboration with realtors to elevate their clients' listings, I consistently set new standards of excellence and never lower the bar. When confronted with doubt, I defy the odds and boldly proclaim, 'Watch me!' I believe in you, and now it's your turn to believe in yourself!
  • Embrace your strengths and celebrate your achievements.
  • Surround yourself with individuals who surpass you in intelligence and skill, and master the art of delegation.
  • Refuse to allow others to dictate your value or potential.
  • By prioritizing the enhancement of your clients' experiences, you will accelerate the realization of your dreams far beyond those who solely pursue self-interest."