Coach, Speaker, Inventor & Mom

Never Lower The Bar On Your Dreams!

I motivate entrepreneurs to jump into the world of becoming their own boss when others might dismiss them. My focus is not only the American dream but building that dream for them. I consistently work on building a better business plan for my life plan and inspiring others to do the same.

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Amazon International Best Selling Author of "Divinely Guided"
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Connie Sylvester

Connie Sylvester is a versatile individual, wearing many hats as an inventor, track and diving coach, speaker, author, and mother. She's most notably recognized for inventing the water rescue device, The ARM-LOC, proudly manufactured in the USA. In addition to her inventions, she's the visionary behind Made In America Mom.Com, an organization committed to empowering dreamers and entrepreneurs. Leveraging her expertise as a track and diving coach, Sylvester has effectively mentored numerous high school and college athletes. Her array of accomplishments and diverse roles underscore her unwavering dedication and passion across various fields. Connie holds multiple patents and has achieved international bestseller status as an author. Through her speaking engagements, she's driven to inspire entrepreneurs to never compromise on their dreams.

"Inventor and CEO of ARM-LOC Connie Sylvester is one woman you need to know!"

- Talor Whitaker Comcast Newsmakers

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